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Hot property: Villa Maca, Santa Gertrudis

New builds in Ibiza are pretty rare these days. Strict zoning laws have limited the number of projects […]READ MORE

Ibiza property market predictions for 2020

Despite the ups-and-downs of the banking systems and the political chicanery of ruling parties provoking shifts in property […]READ MORE

Thank you Ibiza! See you in 2020

As the island prepares for the myriad of multicultural Christmas celebrations and slides its way towards a new […]READ MORE

The Anti-Christmas

You don’t have to be a scrooge to be cranky at this time of year. There are myriad […]READ MORE

A locals guide to Santa Eulalia

The municipality of Santa Eulalia covers a huge swath of ground containing some of the island’s cutest villages. […]READ MORE

Winter listening – Homegrown podcasts

A good podcast is a perfect accompaniment to an Ibiza winter day. Whether you’re listening while doing the […]READ MORE

Post-season pampering

Those of us lucky enough to call Ibiza home often get to the end of the summer season […]READ MORE

Support your local farmers

There are so many reasons to live in Ibiza; the climate, the beautiful landscape, the relaxed lifestyle, friendly […]READ MORE

Market update 2019

The Ibiza property market continues to be a challenge for buyers, with several factors contributing to limited stock […]READ MORE

Island design: Chill-outs

The difference between a chill-out and an outdoor living room might appear minimal, but for those adroit in […]READ MORE

Best spots for sunset cocktails

What makes sunsets in Ibiza so unique? Perhaps its some kind of astronomical trick of the light or […]READ MORE

Hot property: Can Soleil

West coast living is all about sweeping sea views and magnificent sunsets. Can Soleil is situated just moments […]READ MORE

Take Ibiza home – The best souvenirs

Souvenirs used to consist of those tacky ashtrays or t-shirts your grandparents would bring home from their trips, […]READ MORE

Best beaches in Ibiza

Longtime island lovers know that Ibiza has something to offer all tastes and styles. When it comes to […]READ MORE

Interview with Nicky Buchanan: founder of Mallorca Mortgage Consultancy

Tell me a bit about yourself – where are you from, when and why did you move to […]READ MORE

Eat, party, play – What’s hot in Ibiza summer 2019?

Every summer, Ibiza experiences a creative surge pumping the island with a multitude of new ventures, projects and […]READ MORE

Moving to Ibiza with kids – Part 2: Schools

One of the bigger pieces of the move-to-Ibiza puzzle is schools. For such a small island there are […]READ MORE

Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle!

Back in the day real estate used to be all about location, location, location. But here in Ibiza, […]READ MORE

5 reasons why Ibiza is still the best address

Anyone who has lived in Ibiza for more than a minute knows they’ve hit hometown gold. Sure, there […]READ MORE

Get your house summer ready

Summer is coming! Not that winter in Ibiza is that bad – average temperatures sit at 15 degrees […]READ MORE

Moving to Ibiza with kids –  Part 1

Most Ibizaphiles would consider moving here at the drop of a hat but once you throw kids into […]READ MORE

Hot & Exclusive property: Villa Sebastian

Villa Sebastian is the epitome of classic Ibiza design. Its location just outside of San Joan makes it […]READ MORE

5 ways to Brexit proof your Spanish life

Sticking your head in the sand is always an option but whether you ostrich it out or not, […]READ MORE

Get to know your Balearic backyard

Ibiza constantly surprises both residents and visitors with its plethora of delights. However, she is one of four […]READ MORE

Greetings, 2019

Resolution is a funny term. It can create motivation or dread depending on whom you are talking to. […]READ MORE

Ibiza property news roundup

It’s hard to believe that just ten years ago, Spain was reeling from one of the worst financial […]READ MORE

Ibiza Christmas shopping guide

Let’s take a moment to send some love to those poor souls battling the crowds at various malls […]READ MORE

Stay-cations in Ibiza

Life as a local in Ibiza has an atypical rhythm. While the sun chasers have returned to their […]READ MORE

Wellness on the White Isle

Everyone knows Ibiza’s reputation as a party island but more and more, the island is building a new […]READ MORE

Island design: Lighting

Interior design is very much like choreography – it is the discipline that brings architecture into the human […]READ MORE

Putting a value on your property

There’s nothing arbitrary about putting a value on a property, however the Ibiza market does present some peculiar […]READ MORE

Closings for locals

Long-term residents of Ibiza often find themselves hosting friends keen to partake in the festive hedonism for which […]READ MORE

Summer activities for kids in Ibiza

When you’re a kid, summer holidays seem to stretch on forever in a haze of brown salty skin, […]READ MORE

Best Ibiza Bars 2018

The bar scene in Ibiza has developed into a fully-fledged alternative to clubbing these days. There are great […]READ MORE

Hot Property : Can Gato

This gorgeous traditional finca is the epitome of the Ibiza dream. Lovingly and sensitively restored this lovely home […]READ MORE

I bought a house in Ibiza: Adam Beyer

Over the last 15 years spent DJing, holidaying and residing in Ibiza, techno power couple Adam Beyer and […]READ MORE

Joining the A-list billboards

The billboards that run along the highway from Ibiza airport are unique. There is nowhere else in the […]READ MORE

Island design : Swimming pools

The very first swimming pool was built by the ancient civilisation of the Indus Valley sometime in the […]READ MORE

Hot Property : Finca Curt

Surrounded by mature gardens including an abundance of fruit trees, this five-bedroom villa is the perfect family home […]READ MORE

Architectural styles: Modern luxe

There’s a theme that runs through most of the architecture in Ibiza. It encapsulates what the music industry […]READ MORE

Continuity and care

Seven years ago, Belgian entrepreneur Chantal first contacted Villacontact to help her find her dream home in the […]READ MORE

Where to live – San Carlos

This little jewel of a village belongs to the municipality of Santa Eulalia. Surrounded by lush countryside […]READ MORE

Protect yourself in the property market – Introducing APIBIZA and AVAT

After decades of witnessing people being ripped off by fly-by-night middlemen and dubious agents, some of the island’s […]READ MORE

New year, new House

The past year has had many successes and the market continues to provide exciting new projects and opportunities. […]READ MORE

Who eats what at an Ibiza Christmas?

Ibiza is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Never are the various multicultural aspects of life here […]READ MORE

Top 10 Spanish slang words to get you in and out of trouble

Mastering a new language is never easy. The key to arriving in Ibiza and landing on your lingual […]READ MORE

Island architecture: The finca

The traditional Ibicenco farmhouse has been studied by some of the world’s most well-known architects, designers and bon […]READ MORE

The lowdown: Renting your villa

There has been a big shift in the way people travel. Many eschew the hotel experience seeking out […]READ MORE

Concept to completion: A heartfelt property project

Ibiza’s property market comes with a set of challenges that many outsiders find baffling. But for Ibiza born […]READ MORE

Island design: Outdoor living rooms

The beauty of the Ibiza summer is that it stretches right into September and October. Breezy days and […]READ MORE

Ibiza’s Property market – going from strength to strength

Markits Economic’s PMI survey, published in January 2017, showed that Spain is still one of the ‘big four’ […]READ MORE

Ibiza’s  hippest hangouts

With every new season comes a string of new openings, and 2017 has seen some of the most […]READ MORE

Hï to the new dance floor Space of Ibiza

This season we see a new super club rise from the ashes of our beloved Space Club in […]READ MORE

Best vegetarian places to eat in Ibiza

Ibiza has traditionally been all about fish paella and grill meats, but the island has had a surge […]READ MORE

Top 10 useful Spanish phrases

A little knowledge can take you a long way in a foreign country and mastering a few phrases […]READ MORE

Ibiza by boat – off the beaten track

It’s impossible to be surrounded by this azure, crystal sea and not take a day or two to […]READ MORE

Interview with Sid Shanti – Chef, foodie and entrepreneur

One of Ibiza’s most loved characters and private chefs, Sid Shanti arrived in Ibiza in 1998 and loved […]READ MORE

Apartment vs. villa – Which property to buy in Ibiza

It’s all about lifestyle, which is likely the reason you’ve started to look for your dream Ibiza home. […]READ MORE

Island area guide – Choosing where to live

You can’t really go wrong wherever you end up, as Ibiza is gorgeous from top to bottom. However, […]READ MORE

Hjordis Fogelberg – Illustrator, author and designer

Hjordis Fogelberg’s parents were Ibiza pioneers, coming to settle on the island in the late 1950s. The island […]READ MORE

Cost of buying property in Ibiza

You have found your dream Ibiza villa and you’ve made the offer. The ballpark figure to take into […]READ MORE

Countdown to Christmas in Ibiza

Even the most un-festive person will find it difficult to resist Christmas in Ibiza. Here’s a run down […]READ MORE

Ibiza’s best charities

Ibiza is definitely a place of joy where people come to holiday and yet it is also an […]READ MORE

We bought a house in Ibiza

In 2002 Navine and Craig Colligan decided to leave London behind and seek out a place to live […]READ MORE

Ibiza’s Halloween Calendar 2016 – Scary stuff!

Forget the Ibiza openings and closings – anyone who’s experienced knows that October 31 in Ibiza is the […]READ MORE

How to make your Ibiza home sellable

You may be ready to upsize or downsize but either way there are some things that are indispensible […]READ MORE

Space Ibiza : The final chapter

Pepe Roselló has always liked to party. In 1963 he opened the first Playboy club in San Antonio, […]READ MORE

Why buy property in Ibiza?!

People make up all sorts of excuses to stop themselves from living the life they really want; the […]READ MORE

How to get a villa rental license in Ibiza

Ibiza presents some excellent investment opportunities. First of all, unlike the rest of Spain, the housing market has […]READ MORE

Escape the crowds – Ibiza’s best alternative beaches

Ibiza’s more fashion conscious beaches get a lot of attention especially in July and August. Lots of beautiful […]READ MORE

Bars with a view in Ibiza

Ah, cocktail hour. What joy to find a spot where you can witness the kaleidoscopic skies of Ibiza […]READ MORE

What Brexit means for British buyers

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union raises some important questions. Here’s how it will affect British […]READ MORE

To rent or to buy – That is the question

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about a the rental market in Ibiza. When trying to […]READ MORE

Ibiza’s most wanted properties

You might have heard the Ibiza property market is moving fast these days. While that may be true […]READ MORE

Top 10: Typical architectural styles of Ibiza

Ibiza architecture is many things to many people. One person may conjure up images of rustic fincas surrounded […]READ MORE

Top 10: Off the beaten track

For such a small island there is a plethora of things to see and do – many of […]READ MORE

Planting a native Ibiza garden

Ibiza enjoys an amazing 360 days of sunshine a year, making it one of the most pleasant places […]READ MORE

Top 10 Spanish words to know

It’s pretty easy to make friends in Ibiza especially if it involves food, wine, cute kids or cats! […]READ MORE

Top 10 myths about Ibiza

Ibiza’s history of ancient cultures, pirate rampages, hippy hedonism and raver madness has created a solid repertoire of […]READ MORE