How to make your Ibiza home sellable


You may be ready to upsize or downsize but either way there are some things that are indispensible to create the perfect conditions for a swift and agreeable sale. Here’s the low down on what you can do to your property to get the price you want, fast.

Get great photos
iPhone photos are a big no no. Not only is the quality terrible, especially when it comes to printing out information packs for potential buyers but the colour, lighting and framing is all wrong. If you can’t afford a professional photographer, at least take your images with a decent camera.

No one wants to see dirty underwear, piles of Lego or stacks of fading newspapers in the aforementioned pics or at viewings. Get rid of as many personal items as you can and throw out anything that is broken, has no use or is just plain ugly… yes, even that commemorative plate you bought at your child’s nursery graduation.

Paint walls neutral
That turquoise feature wall with the gold flecks probably looked great eight years ago in the pages of Architectural Digest but bold colours are not everyone’s cup of tea. Make it easy for people to imprint their own lives onto your home by repainting in neutral colours.

Air and light
Open up the house early to get rid of any musty closed up smells and let in as much natural light as possible. You want to emit a feeling of healthy wellbeing; a dark stale environment will turn off many people, except for the odd vampire.

Clean the pool!
A murky, leaf filled pool is not a great way to induce people to part with wads of money. Do it yourself or hire a professional, whatever it takes, tidy up the pool and garden before anyone sees it.