Top 10: New Spanish slang terms

Anyone with teenage kids is going to be familiar with the feeling of not fully understanding what they are talking about. Language changes fast and what was cool last year is just going to get you derisive snickers this year. Never fear, our latest list of new Spanish slang words for 2022 will have you eating lunch at the cool kids table in no time:

1. Hacer un next
We can thank Ariana Grande – who popularised the phrase ‘thank u, next’ in the song of the same title – for this one. Spanish-speaking kids hooked onto it pretty fast and hacer un next basically means the same thing. Naturally, our local youth took it one step further and added an augmentative to the end of the word making nextazo pack a heavier punch.

2. Trol de fango
Literally a mud troll. Enough said.

3. Chusta
This word has many uses but basically its similar to bummer in English. Next time you’re disappointed by something try saying vaya chusta.

4. Capitán Obvius
This could translate as a milder version of mansplaining. It describes someone who states the obvious.

5. Fail
Thank you, YouTube and TikTok. The English word fail has entered the Spanish lexicon and means exactly the same thing. You could also get away with fracaso epico but you probably won’t sound as cool.

6. Sinsajo
This translates as mockingbird and if you are not familiar with the Hunger Games series, best leave this one to the kids. It denotes someone lacking grace or chutzpah.

7. Fofisano
This translates as dad bod. Fofisano is the natural progression from metrosexual to hipster to middle age lethargy.

8. Esto es aceite de oliva
Use this when you want to describe someone or something as really good quality.

9. Me renta
When something is worth the effort.

10. Hasta nunki
When you say want to say goodbye forever. Add pendejo/a at the end and you’ve got yourself a top shelf burn.