Villa Contact: An Ibiza tradition reaching new heights

If there is one thing that we’re proud of at Villa Contact, it’s our deep roots in Ibiza’s real estate scene, a journey beautifully captured in a recent article on Ibicasa.

This piece not only tells our story but also celebrates the unique ethos that to this day guides our approach to real estate agency on our amazing island of Ibiza.

What we love so much about the article is that it recounts the profound impact of our beloved founder, Montse Amat Gray, who instilled in us the value of personal connection in all our dealings. “She believed real estate was not just about properties, but about the people and their dreams,” a philosophy we cherish and continue to uphold today.

We remain committed to personalising each of our client’s experience, ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors or contacts us feels part of the Villa Contact family.

Following the passing of Montse, our mother, we all (Clea, Robbie and Tom) returned to Ibiza, driven by a shared vision to sustain and evolve the company she loved, bringing with us diverse experiences from around the world, which have enriched the approach and services that we offer.

“This international experience has been pivotal in adapting to and thriving within the increasingly global market of Ibiza’s real estate.”

Our collaboration with Knight Frank has been another incredible milestone in our journey, enhancing our global reach and allowing us to showcase Ibiza’s unique properties to a worldwide audience. This strategic alliance is highlighted in the Ibi Casa feature as a testament to our commitment to growth and excellence in the global real estate market.

For a more in-depth look at how we combine a rich tradition with innovative real estate solutions, please read the full article on Ibi Casa’s website. It’s a testament to where we’ve come from and where we’re heading, guided by the legacy of our wonderful founder and the spirit of Ibiza.

By sharing our story, we hope to inspire not just potential clients but also others in the industry to value heritage and innovation in equal measure.