Architectural styles: Modern luxe

There’s a theme that runs through most of the architecture in Ibiza. It encapsulates what the music industry calls the Balearic Beat – a style of sound that emerged from Ibiza and has reverberated across global dance floors. Perhaps it’s a push to stretch that concept to architecture but it really is the best way to describe local design. Ibiza, as always, dances to the beat of its own drum.

While the common motifs of island architectural styles are almost always respected – think white washed walls, dry stone work, cubic design, native landscaping – there are unique innovations in the many examples of contemporary architecture. New build villas in Ibiza are all about luxury, spaciousness and efficiency.

Modern architecture in Ibiza is all about augmenting the lifestyle. Outdoors and indoors are designed to become one and the same during the summer months. Suntraps create pockets of warmth to be utilised even in the winter. Views, be they of rolling mountains, lush farmland or the sparkling sea are treated like art, positioned, framed and lit to maximum brilliance.

Unlike other areas of Spain, developers and homeowners have almost always respected the natural environment ensuring villas complement rather than overpower the landscape. While many of these homes are beautifully opulent they are also true to their island home’s personality – stylish and chic on the outside and imprinted with a rebel soul on the inside.