The locals’ choice: 2015 closing parties


Whether you’re a dedicated party person, or not much of a clubber at all, attending a few closings parties should be on every Ibiza bucket list. While all the clubs throw major league closing extravaganzas, if you prefer a more mellow night the beach club closings might be more your thing. Don’t get us wrong, even those parties can go on into the early hours and be full of magic and mischief. Closings start in late September and stretch out right through to the middle of October. Here are a few of the Villa Contact team’s favourite closing parties based on past experience – the ones we’re most looking forward to revisiting in 2015!

Where: Elements Ibiza, Benirras
Why: Just the location alone is enough to entice even the most hesitant partygoer. This chilled beach club with a boho rustic edge on Benirras is just the perfect place to say adios to summer.
We love: The menu is sublime and the cocktails incredible. But the best things of all about parties at Elements Ibiza are the amazing performers and light shows. Oh, yes, and the sunset. That famous Ibiza sunset complete with hippy bongo drumming.
Who goes: Northern locals, visitors in the know, cool kids and chic families.
When: Mid-October… after the last club closings.

Where: Amante Ibiza, Sol Den Serra
Why: Perhaps it’s the moon rising out of the endless sea. Or maybe it’s just the lovely people. Maybe it’s the famous DJs playing in the intimate booth on the sand. Amante is romance personified. And the parties here are just full of love.
We love: The vibe. Lots of smiles, lots of dancing… and lots of people!
Who goes: Best friends, lovers, A-listers and everyone who’s anyone on the island.
When: Usually around the first weekend in October.

Where: Agroturismo Atzaró, San Lorenzo
Why: The Atzaró closing encapsulates the true essence of Ibiza. It usually starts in the afternoon with activities, workshops and delicious food – a real family event. Then the night falls over the stunning venue and the whole place segues into a spectacular cornucopia of performers, music and dancing until the early hours.
We love: That you can go with your kids in the afternoon and then return without them later.
Who goes: Pretty much everyone. When: Late October… even though the venue remains open all year, the party is an ‘official’ summer closing.

Where: Underground, San Rafael
Why: For something a little more intriguing. Underground is a favourite of the island’s hospitality workers, which means hard-core partying.
We love: The sense that you’re tucked out of the way and have discovered an Alice in Wonderland vibe… and that after 6am, it’s like a lock-in that goes until, well, who knows?
Who goes: Workers, committed party heads, DJs, underground music lovers. When: Underground are notoriously secretive about their closing party dates, usually releasing them on Facebook about a week beforehand. You can expect the announcement in the first week of October some time.