Meet the local: Victoria Durrer-Gasse, Designer & Curator, La Galeria Elefante


Originally from the UK, much loved island character Victoria Durrer-Gasse spent her childhood summers in Ibiza on idyllic family holidays, and 20 years ago finally decided to purchase her own home on what she calls ‘the Indigo Island’.

After studying textile design in Geneva Victoria went on to design her own clothing, from which her business grew organically. Walking through the maze of rooms of La Galeria Elefante it becomes evident Victoria’s luminous character is imprinted on every shelf, corner and cabinet.

She is committed to combining her artistic talent and business acumen with a social conscience and has many of her wares handmade by women’s groups in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia and also here in Ibiza.

Many of the pieces are one-off unique designs, some even made by Victoria herself in her home studio. She once worked at the Alice In Wonderland Museum and the influence of that strange and wonderful tale is obvious. Victoria likes to twist everything until she finds the beauty, whimsy or happiness in the object – whether is it an elegant bolero jacket copied from one her grandmother owned and embellished with hand embroidery or a cute boho lamp festooned in feathers and beads. Colour is everywhere and Victoria says everything is made with love and laughter.

When asked about the philosophy behind her business and her life she answers with a smile in her sparkling eyes and says “We are colourful beachcombers, nomadic drifters, star gazers, mothers of sons, weavers and traders and lovers of beautiful things”. Poetry, colour and above all love is what defines La Galeria Elefante and, without a doubt, Ibiza – a place that wouldn’t be the same without Victoria in it!