How to buy a property in Ibiza

Every property market in every country has its own quirks and peculiarities. To the inexperienced it could seem that Ibiza excels in this area. Suffice to say, the ins and outs of buying a property in Ibiza can be… well, interesting. Putting it lightly, it’s all rather like a labyrinth that requires an expert to guide you through.

The main issue is one of history. Back in the olden days, property was passed from parent to child without so much as a piece of paper being exchanged. There were little building regulations as most houses were built to the same plan and without electricity or running water, there was little need to plot anything at all. This means that many properties in Ibiza lack the official paperwork required to make a sale in the modern day.

The team at Villa Contact were born and raised on the island and have a very clear understanding of all the eccentricities of property law in Ibiza. Wanting to share their knowledge, they created the Villa Contact Buyers Guide. The Guide covers in detail the various stages of buying a property, including planning permissions, paperwork, mortgage costs, due diligence, information on renting your home and even an area guide.

They also say it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Take care of those two important factors by checking out the Villa Contact Buyers Guide and making an appointment today.