10 Ways to Keep Your Finca Warm in Winter

Even though we have over 300 days of sunshine a year in Ibiza, the winter months can get quite chilly, especially as older fincas and villas aren’t exactly designed for winter.

There are things you can do, however, to ensure that you are warm and cosy living or visiting Ibiza out of season.

1. Ventilation and Insulation

Strategic ventilation for your Ibiza villa is key. While it’s important to allow fresh air in every day, be mindful of not letting the warmth escape. Before the cold descends, check your windows and doors for any drafts and use sealants or weatherstripping to close any gaps.

2. Efficient Use of Heaters

If your finca has radiators, ensure they’re bled properly to remove any trapped air as this will enhance their efficiency. Remember not to obstruct radiators with furniture or other objects, allowing for free circulation of heat.

3. Smart Thermostat Control

Instead of completely turning off your heating when you’re away, try to keep a moderate, constant temperature in your home. This approach is not only more comfortable for you when you return to the villa, but also cost-effective as it avoids the high energy consumption associated with frequently changing temperatures.

4. Maximize Natural Sunlight

Remember those 300+ days of sunshine each year? Use them to your advantage! During daylight hours, open curtains and blinds, especially on south-facing windows, to take advantage of solar gain. As the sun sets, close them to retain the heat.

5. Rugs and Carpets

Around 10% of heat loss in homes can occur through bare floors. Using rugs or carpets can significantly reduce this loss, keeping your floors, and your feet, warmer. Then in summer, simply roll them up and store them to ensure a cooler villa in the hotter months.

6. Chimney Management

If you are lucky enough to have an open fire in your finca, remember to close the flue when it’s not in use. An open chimney can draw out a significant amount of heat from your home. Make sure to have the chimney swept at the beginning of the fire season to ensure maximum ventilation.

8. Utilise Oven Heat

After baking or cooking, leave the oven door slightly open to allow the residual heat to warm up your kitchen. But remember, this should be done carefully and with consideration for safety, especially if there are children around.

9. Curtains and Blinds

Switch your light summer curtains for thicker ones, or install cellular blinds with air pockets for better insulation. Dark-coloured curtains can also be more effective in absorbing and keeping in heat. Most Spanish villas also have external shutters, so make sure to close these as the sun goes down.

10. Warm Yourself, Not the Room

Wearing an extra layer of clothing or using fleecy blankets can be a more energy-efficient way of staying warm, plus your sofas will look warm and inviting with some extra throws and pillows on them. Thermal clothing, particularly as a base layer, can be highly effective in keeping warm over winter.

By implementing even a couple of these strategies, your finca in Ibiza can transform into a warm haven, offering comfort and warmth without excessively high energy costs.

Remember, a warm home in winter is not just about heating systems; it’s also about smart, energy-efficient practices that enhance your living experience.