Top 10 reasons to move to ibiza

Yaut Mar Ibiza

No doubt you’ve been sitting at an office somewhere in the city – be it London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world for that matter – and looked out the window and thought “What am I doing here?” Or perhaps you’ve struggled with strollers and a toddler on crowded streets, buses and Tubes thinking, “Is this really it?” And surely there have been tipsy dinner party games of “If you could have three houses anywhere in the world where would they be?” One would definitely have to be in Ibiza – and in case you needed any more convincing, we’ve got the top ten reasons why should move to our beautiful Balearic island.

1. Proximity. Ibiza is close to everything. Less than an hour from Barcelona, only an hour from Madrid and two hours from London. You can get anywhere in Europe whenever you need to from this island idyll.

2. The weather. With average winter temperatures of 15 degrees, around 360 days of sunshine and world-famous summers – do you need anymore convincing than that?

3. Beauty. Ibiza is truly spectacular. Crystalline seas, breathtaking views, pretty whitewashed villages, winding country roads, blossoming fruit trees. The commute to work and the school runs are magnificent and sure beats battling traffic or overcrowded trains.

4. Lifestyle. Working here in Ibiza never really seems to feel like work. A full 40-hour week slips by like a cool drink on a hot day thanks to laidback attitudes and happy outlooks on life. And after work? It’s all about the beach, pool, spa, cocktails, dinner, and best of all, sunshine.

5. Family life. Childhood here is celebrated like nowhere else and the friendly cooing and cheek squeezing is contagious. There are a plethora of activities for families with youngsters on offer plus wonderful international schools and nothing beats growing up surrounded by the great outdoors. Villa Contact have many family friendly properties for sale in Ibiza – contact us for more information.

6. Gastronomy. Not every one thinks of cuisine when they think of Ibiza but there are some of the best food experiences in Europe here. From seaside fish restaurants serving up only one item on their menu to high-end, five-star fine dining with some of the world’s leading Michelin starred chefs, Ibiza has it all. And the fresh produce available here is a foodies dream come true.

7. Business opportunities. Ibiza is a wide open door for people with drive and ideas. With a burgeoning local market and the ever-increasing tourist dollar there is money to be made.

8. Romance. Young couples and old timers alike find it hard to resist the romance of this island. Whether it’s a starry-eyed, candle lit, beachside dinner or a fast-paced night out on the dance floor, the love in Ibiza is palpable.

9. Health. Getting healthy and changing bad habits is made simple by a plethora of therapists and fitness gurus offering an assortment of health options from yoga, beach training to shamanic healing and tantric massage in Ibiza.

10. It’s just not London. Or Frankfurt. Or Amsterdam or… you see where we’re going with this? It’s Ibiza, baby.