s Top 10 Spanish words to know

Top 10 Spanish words to know


It’s pretty easy to make friends in Ibiza especially if it involves food, wine, cute kids or cats! The Ibicencos are a warm and welcoming bunch but having a few words under your belt definitely smooths the way for deeper connections and easier communications.

1. Vale (va-lay) translates as okay but can also mean fine, right on! and all good!

2. Venga (ven-gah) means c’mon, let’s go, you don’t say, no way!, chop-chop, yeah right, say what! This is really a catch all word you’ll hear all around you.

3. Hierbas (ee-yer-bas) You’ll be offered a shot of this fragrant liqueur after dinner in most restaurants and homes. Native to the island it’s a mix of local herbs said to aid digestion. Delicious and easy to down. Beware of overindulging.

4. Asesoría (ass-es-sore-ia) means consultant… of bureaucratic life. An asesoría generally works out of a gestoria, which translates as an agency that undertakes administrative work (read: smoothes the way)

5. Abogado (ah-bow-gah-doe) is a lawyer. Hopefully the only time you need one is when you are buying a property.

6. En venta (en-ven-tah) For sale. An important phrase to know when browsing the property market.

7. Ibicenco (ee-bee-then-co) a native to the island. Once you become friends with an islander, you have a friend for life.

8. Mariscos (mar-iz-cos) equals seafood, when served with paella (pay-eh-ya) or in a bullit de peix (boo-yit de pay-sh) – it’s a dish to die for.

9. Caña (ca-nya) is draught beer. Very important.

10. Licencia de Obras (lee-sen-sia de oh-brass). You need one of these to doing any kind of building work in Ibiza. See numbers 4 and 5 for more clarification.


Chiringuito (cheer-ing-ghee-toe). This is a beachside restaurant, most of which serve up delicious local dishes, predominantly seafood and ice cold drinks.

Genial (hen-ee-al) means everything is super fantastic hunky dory!

Fatal (fa-tal) means the opposite of above unless you using to describe a love interest, then it’s more like, a super hottie.

Que guay! (ke-gwai) Awesome!

Chulo/Chula (choo-low/choo-la) is cute, cool and awesome.

Que fuerte! (ke-fwer-teh) Unbelievable! No way! That’s crazy!